Friday, October 03, 2003

The Object of my Desire

R.E.M. played the Today Show this morning and I fell in love with Peter Buck's 360 Jetglo Rickenbacker. So I talked Mike into going with me to Guitar Center for lunch. I was disappointed to find that they didn't have any Rics there, but they're the best store on the planet because they'll let you play anything. I played around with a Gretsch Tennessee Rose and then I found the Schecter Omen 6. I love that thing! It had a beautiful walnut satin finish that reminded me of Lindsey Buckingham's Rick Turner, and it sounded wonderful. It's marked down to $300, so feel free to buy it for me for Christmas (pleeeeease). I played it on a nice little Crate amp...nothing spectacular, but I liked it. (Hint, Hint)

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