Thursday, October 16, 2003

A Day in the Life

Here's what happened yesterday:
7:00 am My alarm went off as it always does.
I hit the snooze button as I always do.
7:09 am My alarm went off again.
I hit the snooze button again.(This went on until...
7:36 am Got up and went downstairs.
7:37 am Pulled Jr. out of bed, and, making sure he was awake, told him to get dressed because we were going to be late.
7:38 am Took a shower.
7:49 am Got out and went downstairs.
7:50 am Told Jr. to get up and get dressed because we were going to be late.
7:52 am Cooked an egg for Jr.
7:57 am Told Jr. to eat his egg.
7:58 am Got dressed.
7:59 am Waited for Jr. to eat his egg.
8:05 am Got in the car and waited for Jr.
8:09 am Left for Jr.'s late.
8:12 am Dropped Jr. off and went to work.
8:35 am Clocked in and "worked."
5:35 pm As I was getting ready to go home, someone said that Peter Cetera was out on the stage.
5:36 pm Stared at Peter Cetera as he watched the orchestra under his direction rehearse a passage of music.
I thought I recognized it but, as I am not a fan of Peter or Chicago, I couldn't be specific.
5:45 pm Went home.
6:01 pm Went to get dinner. Bought frozen lazagna, baby formula, olive oil, water, and french bread.
The rest of the night: Ate dinner, played with the kids, got on the computer, tried to resume drawing but couldn't find the power within me, watched a little "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" that I'd seen before, went to bed.

At the computer I was holding Rufflebutt, who was asleep, and I heard this cute little giggle. She was laughing her head off. I'd never seen her do that before. She was asleep, or drifting in and out, and everytime I laughed, she'd start giggling again. My wife says she does that all the time in her sleep--never when she's awake.

Peter Cetera's still here, I think, though I haven't been back to see. I guess there's a concert tonight because I got an email from the Delta Center saying that I could come and pick up complimentary tickets. Should I? I don't know if I'd enjoy myself. Guess not.

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