Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!

The kids are all sleeping off their sugar highs, finally. I thought they'd never get to sleep. I didn't even think about dressing up today for work. The last time I did that I was the only one. I felt silly dressed as an aging rock star. Never again, I told myself. So when Steve, the new guy walked into the edit bay this morning carrying a snowboard and wearing bibs and a ski jacket, I thought he was just checking in before taking the day off and heading up to the slopes. Not only did Halloween not cross my mind, neither did the fact that none of the ski resorts have snow yet, so what was he going to do, fly to the Alps or something? I'm always a little shy when it comes to sharing work experiences here. I never know what I'm supposed to keep quiet. So all I can say is that we had a nice lunch on the company and then a very pleasant and unexpected surprise from the GM. How vague is that?

After work, my brother and his wife brought their little girl and my sister's children to our house and we all went trick-or-treating in one great eclectic mob. Our group included a clown, a pink poodle, a dinosaur, Dr. Frankenstein's monster, a knight of the Round Table, and even the highly esteemed Benjamin Franklin. My three year old kept telling me that we were "triggertreating" and people were giving him candy, a truly exciting prospect. The group only lasted a couple of blocks and were ready to go home. When I was a kid, my friends and I would hit two or three whole neighborhoods and then change into the spare costumes we had with us and hit them again. I guess that will come later, when they're a little older. We went home and ate pizza then watched the kids sort through their loot. Then, after two hours of "No, more candy!" they went to bed. Or so I thought. When we checked on them to see if they were asleep, their beds were empty. I went to the next room and found rollercoaster tycoon fired up but with no one playing it. There was only a heap of blankets on the floor next to the computer. Which is a good thing, because the kids know they're not supposed to be playing games. But where are they? And why is that pile of blankets moving?

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