Friday, November 13, 2009

This Just In: STFU

The federal Government has just announced a new Scientific Task Force Unit (STFU) whose main goals are to debunk all the misinformation, misstated facts, mis-attributed quotes, and other moronic notions that seem to be circulating in unprecedented quantities.
"Since the advent of the internet," says Mikael Bleschevenitz, Chief Scientist in charge of STFU and former Dean of the College of Mundane But True Information at Stanford, "there has been more opportunities than ever before for the gullible to be heard." While normally a champion of free speech, Bleschevenitz says that we should be championing factual free speech. He added, "I happen to know from personal experience that a duck's quack echoes. I take my pet mallard, Sophie, to the Grand Canyon every year."

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