Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Doodle for my Birthday

I've been getting some nice feed back about my drawing on YouTube so I thought I'd draw another one on camera to show a little of the process. You can see it here. This one's a lot more involved than the last one I did. Click on the drawing to see it on a much larger scale. I have a writer friend who thinks I should illustrate childrens' books in this style. It's an interesting idea.

I let my 40th birthday slip by back on May 14th without posting anything about it here. It was a rough day: The day I could no longer deny that I'm old. My body won't let me deny it either. A couple of days ago my car died and I walked the 8 1/2 miles home from work. When I got home 2 hours later, my knees and my left ankle were killing me. I used to do 20 miles in the mountains in a day!
On the up side, I still look young. I was editing for a client a couple of weeks ago and she asked how I could work so fast. (I think I was using photoshop at the time). I said I'd been doing this a loooong time, to which she replied, "How long can you have been doing it? What are you, all of 25?" So at least I can pretend I'm not old when I'm out of the house. My 3-year-old daughter won't let me forget it, though.

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happy plant said...

I never noticed before, but you got my thumbs. I never thought that was of any significance until I went to my cousin's funeral and her 13 yr. old granddaughter said, "I didn't get anything from grandma except her thumbs". That made me curious, so I asked to see her thumbs, then I put mine next to them, and she said, "wow, you got her thumbs too." haha But looking at that video of you drawing the doodle, I see that your thumbs look just like mine. Imagine! I think the idea of doodles to illustrate children's books sounds intriguing. Love ya! Mom